The perks of shopping at a Bath and Body Works Outlet store

Bath and Body Works Outlet: My Favorite Place to Shop

Anyone who has ever met me knows that I absolutely adore shopping at the Bath and Body Works outlet near my house. From shampoo to scents, Bath and Body Works outlets have everything I need to make me and my house shine. Even better, I save a ton of money every time I go there (even when there isn’t a Bath and Body Works clearance going on). I thought I’d take this time to discuss the things I love most about Bath and Body Works outlets.

Bath and Body Works Outlet for Savings

First, let’s touch on the savings you get when you shop at a Bath and Body Works outlet compared to other stores and even other outlets. Although everyone’s savings are individual, you can definitely save a bundle at a Bath and Body Works outlet if you know the right shopping tricks (which I happen to!). For example, the other day I was looking to get some holiday presents for some of my girlfriends. As anyone with expensive tastes knows, any old gift won’t satisfy my friends. They want the best and they know what it looks like! Fortunately, I can give them the top-notch gifts they want without having to spend a fortune. That is, as long as I spend my money at a Bath and Body Works outlet!

With people more frugal than ever it just makes good sense to do as much of your shopping at outlets whenever possible.

The next thing I love about Bath and Body Works outlets is that it’s just plain fun! Call me a shopaholic, but I love buying stuff that’s nice and is at the right price. If that’s the case than there’s nothing I rather be doing than purchasing anything I can get my little hands on. When it comes to the intersection of quality and price, it’s really hard to beat a Bath and Body Works outlet. In fact, it may even be impossible to beat them –they’re just that good!

One thing I’ve come to appreciate more of late is the wide variety of Bath and Body Works locations there are. A few months back I was visiting the in-laws in DC and was a bit bored. Out of desperation I asked them if there were any Bath and Body Works around, perhaps in the local mall. They said there wasn’t, but there was a massive Bath and Body Works Outlet about 40 miles outside of the city. Boy I couldn’t get my car keys fast enough! Imagine being miles and miles from your home but knowing that there’s an outlet to shop out no matter where you happen to find yourself.

Bath and Body Works Outlet

Quality Items and the Bath and Body Works Outlet

Last but not least on my list of aspects I love about Bath and Body Works outlets are the quality of the items. It’s one thing to get something dirt-cheap but it’s quite another to get something that’s also amazingly high-quality. Let me tell you, nearly everything I’ve ever purchased at a Bath and Body Works outlet has been just as good as I found in the “real” store. Maybe the packaging wasn’t exactly the same, but it was close enough to make me feel like I got a great deal. Remember, there’s no point in buying anything based on price alone. It’s also important that what you buy is worth the money you’re spending.

Bath and Body Works Discontinued Products

Another great thing about the Bath and Body Works Outlet is the fact that they tend to carry large quantities of discontinued products. Now your first instinct may be to say “eek! The last thing I want to put on my body is something that’s discontinued. While I can certainly relate to this feeling, you should know that most products are discontinued only because they no longer sell as well as they used to. There’s nothing dangerous about using them!

In fact, some of my favorite all-time products were sadly discontinued –forcing me to head to the nearest Bath and Body Works Outlet to stock up while I could.

What items tend to get discontinued most often?

  • Limited-time scents (discontinued scents are very common)
  • Clothing and accessories
  • Holiday-themed items

The best part of Bath and Body Works discontinued products is that they’re often much cheaper than the items at the regular store even though they are identical in quality.

Bath and Body Works Outlet Stores

So you’ve read all about the stores and want to head over to the nearest one ASAP. I can totally understand the feeling as I experience that at least once per week when I’m bored at home. Fortunately, finding a Bath and Body Works Outlet is a breeze once you know where to look. The first place I recommend is the official website of Bath and Body. Why? Sadly, there’s no Bath and Body Works Outlet online (yet), so you have to actually visit their physical stores.

By typing in your zip code and/or address, the website will quickly show you which locations are nearest you. Once you find the one you prefer, you can even print out driving directions.

OK, so that’s my love-fest for Bath and Body Works Outlet. If you’re in the market for something make sure to check out some Bath and Body Works coupons that are getting released on the net as they are regularly updated and expire in the blink of an eye.


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