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Bath and Body Works Locations

Are you looking for Bath and Body Works locations?

This article will cover the many, many types of Bath and Body Works locations as well as the different types of stores that they have.

Bath and Body Works Locations: How to Find Them All

If you’re new in town or just want to see what else is out there, then you might be wondering how to look up all of the Bath and Body Works stores in your area. The first place to look is the store’s official website at There you can simply enter your home zip code or address and get a list of the closest locations to you. This feature, popularly known as a store locator, is ideal for finding new locations that haven’t been released to the public yet. This site also tends to provide Bath and Body Works store hours so you know whether or not it will be open when you get there.

Another way to learn more about Bath and Body Works locations is to use a website known as As many Bath and Body Works stores are found in malls, it makes sense to search for their locations using a mall-oriented resource. Another website that may be valuable during your hunt is brings together shoppers from communities all around the United States to share their experiences with businesses. Not only will Yelp help you find your closest Bath and Body Works location but will also give you vital information regarding the store’s size, selection and staff.

Bath and Body Works Locations: Important Information

Although Bath and Body Works is a national chain, the stores do differ from one another in important ways. The first and perhaps most important distinction between Bath and Body Works locations is size. Store locations in malls tend to be significantly smaller than those found in large shopping centers. As you may expect, this directly impacts the selection you get at each store. For example, a larger store may carry that particular hand lotion that you like while a mall location may be limited. Also, because of limited space, mall locations are more likely to have sales and clearances.

Popular and Noteworthy Bath and Body Works Locations

According to their official site, there are over 1,500 Bath and Body Works locations dotted around the continental United States (and a growing number in Canada as well). With so many, there are bound to be a few that stand out from the rest.

A set of stores that automatically separate themselves from others are those Bath and Body Works locations located in the Middle East. Yes, the people at Bath and Body Works have decided to aggressively expand in Middle Eastern countries, including Jordan, Kuwait and the United Arab Emirates. They’ve also opened a few branches in Turkey and Russia. Needless to say, these Bath and Body Works locations aren’t like the ones down the street from your house!

Here are some interesting locations that any fan of Bath and Body works should consider visiting:

Atlanta, GA: This location gets rave reviews from customers. Although similar to many other locations, the staff at this particular spot are known to go above and beyond to help you with whatever you need.

Bloomingdale, IN: People go to this location for one reason: it’s HUGE. With over 5,000 square feet of space, this location has everything you need under one (giant) roof.

Las Vegas, NV: Take a break from the black jack table and get some scented soaps from this Bath and Body Works location just a few minutes off the strip. The sugar scrub at this location is supposed to be especially good.

Philadelphia, PA: Looking for a Bath and Body works coupon? You won’t need one at this spot which offers consistently low, low prices on Bath and Body Works favorites, such as hand soaps, scented sanitizer and facial masks.

Puyallup, WA: This out of the way spot is ideal for shoppers that like to take their time and browse around a shop. Because it’s rarely crowded, you can take your time smelling and otherwise enjoying the items that they have in stock.

For more information on Bath and Body Works locations, check out the official website.


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